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All of our products are made of premium high quality fabrics, produced from the world’s leading producers and brand names. Our whole production is based on the “onion” wearing system.
With this system, every single user can choose their own combination of garments and adjust them to reach the best possible comfort level.
The second – isolation layer must keep the body warm even in the worst possible conditions and at the same time transfer body moisture from the first layer to the third – outside layer.
For this reason, we use Polartec Powerstretch, which has great moisture transportation. The fabric with its construction and flexibility also offers a partial protection from the wind and, of course, maximum comfort.
Our pants are made of the world’s No.1 fabric producer – Swiss Schoeller. For the whole range, we use several different fabrics named Dynamic, Dryskin, Stretchlight and WB400 SoftShell. They are all fast drying, flexible and water repellent. Choosing among the different fabric weights, every user will be able to find a product suiting their needs and all season of the year.
The final – outside protection layer must protect the user from all kinds of weather conditions – heat, cold, rain, snow, wind, … At the same time its function is also to transform body moisture from the first and the second layer to the outer side where it can evaporate into the atmosphere. We found the best possible option in Schoeller’s 3-layer fabric named C_change, which has with its Bionic Climate membrane all of the functionality we need.
The artificial synthetic fibres from the world’s No.1 producer – the American Primaloft, used in the light down jackets, can also be used as the outer layer.
Primaloft synthetic filling is almost equivalent to the goose’s natural down but its maintenance is much easier and is less bulky and takes up less space.


Our production is completelly organized in European country Slovenia. We are using modern machines and resources and we follow news and directions in the sportswear industry.
We give special attention to our production quality and final, end control and inspection over the finished products.
With passing all inspections and testing procedures, we guarantee a high quallity product.

About Polartec Power Stretch® Pro™ Technology
Today's performance stretch fabrics need to adapt to the contours of the human body for optimal comfort during movement.

Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ has reinforced elastic fibers creating 4-way stretch that meets the demanding push and pull of activity. This agile, dual-surface fabric absorbs moisture from the skin while continuously wicking it to the outer layer for fast evaporation. Power Stretch® Pro™’s outer surface has a low-friction finish, so this versatile fabric can layer perfectly with others and resist abrasion on its own.

What does it mean when a fabric "bags out"?

A fabric has bagged-out when it is overstretched to the point that it will not recover. This condition is most often seen around the elbows or knees. Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ uses a combination of high stretch yarns, like spandex, and specialized constructions to assure that garments do not suffer from bag-out.

Never lose your form !

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